About me

A large part of my childhood I struggled with various diseases and strange symptoms.

I began to look for other solutions outside of modern medicine.

I wander into a completely different world, the world of energy and spirit.

Suddenly there were words like intuition, hypersensitivity and clairvoyant.

As I dove deeper into myself, the external changed, as a reflection of what was happening inside. 

I found my own inner strength, I found connection to source. 

Call it the Universe, call it God, All that is, yes call it what you want. 

My journey began with me going inward, after a while I started to look around and realise I wasn’t alone.

I found teachings that resonated with what I had found within myself. 

I had worked with energy before I studied Reiki and was surprised there were established systems describing what I already was doing. 

My first Reiki teacher told me I already knew how to do it and it felt that way. 

Reiki is a valuable tool in my toolbox, which has grown over the years. 

My medial gifts have changed and evolved and continue to do so to this day.

I have a bachelors degree in behavioural science with the direction of IT-environments. I am fascinated with the effects of our increasingly connected yet disconnected world. Many are feeling lost, unaware of their own power. 

That’s where I come in.

I assist you with remembering, reconnecting, embodying true connection. We plug you out of the fake grid and in to the light grid.  

I have had the honor to study with great teachers in many shapes and forms and I can honestly say that alone is not always the strongest.

We rarely are as alone as we might want to believe.

I am deeply grateful for what I have learned and experienced.

It is my soul call to share it with you.

 Wildkonst has been created as a vortex where I and other wild artists can easily share their gifts to the world. We currently offer services in Hälsokällaren by the town hall square in Ekenäs and we also do distance treatments.

Grateful and honored to be of service!

 – Wilma Elena, founder of Wildkonst

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