Surrender to your rhythm

Energy can get stuck and stagnate in our field which manifests in physical form as situations, habits or even weird physical symptoms, thoughts and pain.

When we work through emotions, energy in motion. It is fantastic to have a way to move and release energy. 


The Flow category has been created to get the energy moving with intention in a safe space for healing on all levels. For you to break out of old patterns and step into the unknown where your passion and divine destiny awaits you.

In the flow category you will get your creative energy flowing and explore the depths of your inner waters.

How does it work?

The Flow Session is a flowing session where movement, breathing exercises and other creative tools are used. In a ceremonial space created just for you and your needs, you are guided through a flowing journey.

Flow Group is a class with a similar structure, it takes place in a group, which creates a different experience.

In the future, you will also find other offers such as Yoga Flow and Sensual Flow at Wildkonst.


Under the Slow category you can find

Flow Session

Flow Group

Yoga Flow

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