Multidimensional guidance & healing arts for your natural wellbeing

Wildkonst, wild art.

We support your inherent abilities. 

To structure the wild, that really can’t be structured, we have broken it down into 3 categories for you to ask yourself, what is it you truly need. So if you are up for it, ask yourself, what do I need right now?

Then go over each word and feel, listen, sense however you sense. What is calling you, maybe it’s a combination of words.

Perhaps you knew before you came here. Whatever the case we encourage you to feel into the words and the intuitive introductions below before you go and dissect the information about the different categories and offerings.


Sacred self care.

Slowing down.

Let your feet touch the ground.

Deep into the darkest depths we go, to rejuvenate the body and to realign with soul. 

Be here now, it is time to rest. 

The earth will hold you while you reset. 




Cycles and rhythms.

Creative expression. 

Breath after breath.

There is such a thing as beautiful death. 

Breaking old patterns moving emotions. 

Un-trapped, connecting to your inner oceans. 

In ceremonial space through ease and grace.

We create a healing space. 

For you to flow, for you to grow.



Innerstanding, overstanding, standing tall. 

Knowing who you are. 

Connecting to your guidance.

Clear vision.  

Readings and transmissions. 

Are you looking for assistance or can you feel this is your mission?

Know it in your heart.  

You are art.


The result of many years of illness, searching for answers, metaphysical and spiritual exploration.

Wildkonst has been created as a portal, where I and other wild artists easily can share their gifts with the world. We currently offer services in Hälsokällaren by the town hall square in Ekenäs and we also do distance treatments.

We are here to support you on your journey!

Please reach out if you have any questions.

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