Information is very relevant in healing. Information can be viewed as light. With information you can light up the unknown and transmute darkness. With the internet and algorithms telling us what to like or think half of the time it can be challenging to know what we really truly can know in our hearts. 

That’s the key though, to know it in our hearts. 

Now that might take some wild arts. 


“I really just want to understand what is going on, I see it but I am not really sure what it is that I am seeing.”

– Are you dabbling with crystals, seeing things, hearing things or just getting started with realising that highly sensitive or empath kinda resonates with you. Are you curious about esoteric knowledge?

Do you have questions that you don’t know how to get answers to? Are you feeling all the feels but don’t know how to break it down or work with it? Perhaps you just feel the urge to have a conversation over some cards and a cup of tea. 

The know category consists of all the metaphysical things. Teachings, tricks and information. It also contains readings. 

We assist you in doing your own inner work, so you know how to do it for yourself. 

This is for the ones who know there is something they need to know, something more.

 It is a calling of the soul.

How does it work?

Readings consist of energy reading. Through cards and transmissions, we read your energy. You can ask questions and get guidance regarding different aspects of your life.

Energy 101 is an individual-based deep dive into the energy world. Depending on where you are at in your journey, we go through relevant information, tricks and ways for you to strengthen and work with your own energy and your gifts.

Workshops & Classes

We also offer workshops and classes with different themes such as crystals, chakra systems, astral traveling, connecting with your guides, all magical and metaphysical things. Please contact us if you have any specific wishes!


Under the Know category you can find


Energy 101

Classes & Workshops

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