Slow down

When we are running around moving from one thing to another, maybe even just mentally jumping from one thought of what we should be doing to the next our energy gets drained.

This happens so easily in our modern world where everything moves in quite a fast phase. When this happens it’s like we get swept up into a loop that is not in our best interest.

When we slow down we give our multidimensional self a chance to land, a chance to come back to the body.


Under the Slow category you can find treatments and offerings with focus on rest and recovery. 

The Slow category is created for individuals that perhaps have been a little too strong a little too long, pushing them self to the limit and beyond. Individuals that always take care of others and perhaps forgets themselves. The Slow category is for those experiencing anxiety, stress and exhaustion. For the one needing a serious amount of rest and self-love. 

The Slow category is also for the ones free of any major concerns that are looking to dive deeper within themselves, do some soul care and to slow down. 

How does it work?

Energy Healing is a healing session where the individual lie down dressed on the treatment table. It is also possible to perform the healing without touch if desired. During the treatment, different methods are used based on the individual’s needs. Tools such as Reiki, sound healing, color and crystal healing are used.

We also offer distance Energy Healing. Yes it is quite possible to send healing remotely and we really recommend it. It’s a great experience. You lie down at the set time in your own sacred space. When finished you will receive some notes and get a chance to discuss your experience in whatever way you prefer. (email, video chat, message.)

Healing Massage is a combination of healing and massage. The massage is performed by Jeet Kune Do Master Hassan Al-Saedi and Wilma Elena is assisting with energy work. We work together and it results in a very powerful treatment.

Under the Slow category you can find

Energy Healing

Distance Healing

Healing Massage

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